Service Dogs

A Little About Our Service Dogs.

We take great pride in getting the best dog breeds and service dogs for our first responders suffering with PTSD. We use many resources and have partners that help us make this happen. Our main goal is to help first responders find a better quality of life after there lives of service. We have found that service dogs bring great comfort to those hurting and help with mental health. They are also security for those who are feeling weak. We can provide service dogs for many different areas of need. 

We open our application process twice a year. In January and June. The number of pups we place per year depends on funding and the need for that year.

If you are thinking a service dog may be the right fit for you please watch for announcements on the application process.

We are always looking for puppies and except donations of Puppies and supplies.

Thank you to all the donors who are helping to make dreams come true for first responders and our veterans.