Partners & resources

Off Leash K9 Training, Central MN


 Off Leash K9 Training, Central MN is a veteran owned dog training organization. 

A special thanks for Becca Curtis for working with our dogs so that they are eligible for service licensing so help first responders & veterans with PTSD.



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Serve & Protect


 Matt is a peer advocate for Serve & Protect

Serve & Protect is a 501©(3) whose mission is to locate and facilitate trauma services for public safety professionals with PTSD symptoms, addictions, or both.  Whether residential care or trauma therapists and related services.


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Solid Results K9


Solid Results K9 works to help build the foundation for your puppy and could help grow your relationship with your dog so that you can see all the amazing things he or she can do.  



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NutriSource Pet Food


Nutrisource is a family owned, Minnesota pet food company that makes pet food for all you dog and cat needs.  With Nutrisource you know the source of your dog food and we know what to expect in each bag.  Nurtisource started  sponsorship of our program in 2020.


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Thank you for these special donations



Deek-A was donated to us by private party Zabrina Watson. Zabrina's life had changed with less time to spend with Deek-A.  Zabrina wanted Deek-A to go where she would be happy and get the attention she needs. 

Thank you Zabrina for helping our organization. 



Thank you Julie for helping First Responders and Veterans with your gift & donation of Jax to FirefightersWithPTSD

Tank and Ranger


Tank and Ranger were donated by the Tillman family in Texas.  Veleria and her husband wanted the pups to be of service to men and women with PTSD. We are so thankful for these pups as they are doing great in the program

Thank You Ron and Veleria for your support with Firefighters With PTSD.