Minority Health and Wellness

Mayo Clinic is dedicated to continuing minority health and wellness efforts. Through education and awareness programs, personalized health care, and innovative research, Mayo Clinic strives to eliminate health disparities within our communities and help prevent and reduce illness and premature death in minority populations. Mayo Clinic also promotes and encourages diversity and inclusion. Read more about Mayo Clinic minority health and wellness programs.

Mayo Clinic researchers study potential treatments for cancer, heart disease, memory disorders and other diseases that often occur in minority populations and conduct clinical trials. Read more about Mayo Clinic minority health and wellness research.

What are health disparities?

Health disparities are differences in disease burden, disability and mortality in a defined population. Populations affected by disparities include racial and ethnic minorities, people who live in diverse geographic locations, women, children, older people, and people with disabilities.

Because of health disparities, some populations have higher rates of disease compared with the general population. Several Mayo Clinic programs address health disparities.

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