Mayo Clinic Facilities and Real Estate Information

Mayo Clinic has a diverse inventory of facilities and real estate. The inventory includes clinics, hospitals, research facilities, educational facilities, administrative, power plants, parking ramps, healthy living, senior housing and warehousing. These facilities are managed locally within coordinated Mayo Clinic expectations.

Local management is focused on hub locations that include the following:

  • Mayo Clinic's campuses in Arizona (Phoenix and Scottsdale)
  • Mayo Clinic's campus in Florida (Jacksonville)
  • Mayo Clinic's campus in Minnesota (Rochester)
  • Mayo Clinic Health System — Northwest Wisconsin (Barron, Bloomer, Eau Claire, Menomonie and Osseo)
  • Mayo Clinic Health System — Southwest Wisconsin (La Crosse and Sparta)
  • Mayo Clinic Health System — Southeast Minnesota (Albert Lea, Austin, Cannon Falls, Lake City, Owatonna and Red Wing)
  • Mayo Clinic Health System — Southwest Minnesota (Fairmont, Mankato, New Prague, St. James, Springfield and Waseca)

Facilities-related procurement recognizes the benefits of local suppliers and professionals for most facilities work. Specialized projects will generate the review of national resources. Ultimate selection and accountability lies with the project team or local leadership.

Facilities construction-related and maintenance contracting philosophy

Mayo Clinic has developed design, construction, and service contract forms and agreements. The majority of routine work is accomplished through contract amendments to master agreements with established designers and contractors. Limited new relationships are pursued, due to the investment Mayo Clinic makes in developing external "team members" to its specific environment.

Supplies procurement philosophy

To reduce overall nonconstruction supply expenses, Mayo Clinic actively leverages its purchasing volume by seeking agreements with suppliers in certain product and service categories to serve all Mayo Clinic facilities. Working with a group-purchasing organization, Mayo Clinic pursues national contracting opportunities that offer value to health care facilities in its system. This procurement is coordinated by Mayo Clinic Supply Chain Management.

New relationships

In compliance with expectations of the U.S. government, Mayo Clinic verifies service and product vendors to ensure they are legitimate companies. Verification utilizes an authentication process provided by PRGX Global Inc., which charges an authentication fee. This process allows a new contracted relationship to be established in our invoicing system and must be completed prior to submitting an invoice.

Authentication is important because it:

  • Is necessary to perform services at Mayo Clinic
  • Ensures appropriate 1099 reporting
  • Ensures appropriate tracking and use of minority suppliers
  • Limits access to your competitors that do not comply with requirements

Companies need an invitation email or letter containing the PRGX website address and a unique identification code, both of which are needed to begin the authentication process. Mayo Clinic staff will send you this invitation if services from your firm are requested.

Once logged in to the PRGX website, you will be asked to:

  • Complete a company profile, which includes entering your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Identify your company's principal party or owner
  • Upload documents, which vary depending on your business but may include Internal Revenue Service forms W-8 and W-9, your business license, and your minority-owned-business certificate
  • Pay an authentication fee by credit card